Translation Services

Finding the right words or the best way to translate your message is a challenge I am devoted to accomplish. I am committed to deliver a high quality translation while respecting your deadlines and giving you all my attention till the end of the project.

As a professional translator, I offer the following translation services:

  • Translation from English and Spanish into French
  • Translation from French into English
  • Proofreading of your own translations
  • Stylistic and linguistic correction; elimination of grammar and orthographic mistakes.
  • Coherence and respect of your style guidelines and corporate wording

Language combinations

English into French

Spanish into French

French into English


Proofreading of your translations

Elimination of grammar and orthographic mistakes

Stylistic and linguistic correction

Coherence and terminology


The layout

of your document

will be kept.

Quality Charter

      • Respect for the original meaning;
      • On time delivery;
      • Prior research concerning the project;
      • Systematic verification of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax;
      • Use of the appropriate terminology according to your business and area of expertise;
      • Proofreading before delivery;
      • Archiving translation and building glossaries to ensure coherent terminology through time;


Data protection: your contact details and documents will remain confidential.

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