My translation quote is based on the number of words of the source document and my proofreading and editing quotes are based on an hourly rate.

My rates are competitive and reflect the quality of my work. They include proofreading and vary depending on the level of complexity of the original text, its length and the requested timeline.

Examples: A very urgent project or a translation to be made during the weekend will be charged with a rate 25% higher than a regular project. A minimum fee is charged for short translations (less than 300 words).

Please contact me via the contact form « Contact » or by email to obtain a free quote. I guarantee a response within the next 24 hours.

Fast and simple. Here is how it works !

Step 1 : Contact me via the contact form or by email, and give all the information about your project (linguistic combination, deadline, etc.)
Step 2 : After our first exchange, send me the documents to translate
Step 3 : I analyse your documents and I will provide you with a free translation quote taking into account your requirements.
Step 4 : Once you agree with the term of the quote, I will translate, proofread and send you the documents on the agreed date.
Step 5: I send you my bill and you pay me within 30 days from the invoice date.
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